Video: Founder of Odeo, Blogger and Twitter Evan Williams

Evan Williams is tied to the advent of Odeo, Blogger, and Twitter. The goal of all of these is for people to feel more connected and more in-touch with one another. These tools were designed as broadcast media.  Help people feel more connected and in touch. Using communication network to help each other out. Twitter was designer with API (application program interface) in mind so others could piggyback off the technology. The goal now is to move beyond keeping  up with family and friends to making it easier to share news and information. Mentions Summize, a twitter search engine, which they bought and have incorporated into the product. The product is always changing (as is facebook and google). Most of the change is transparent to the users.

Watch this video from TED.com: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/evan_williams_on_listening_to_twitter_users.html

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