How to Set Up A Blog at Blogger.com

There are a number of options when it comes to free blog sites. For the sake of this exercise we are going to sign on for a blog through Google's Blogger service.

Once you have set up G-Mail, signing on for other Google services--Profile, Picasa, Blogger, etc--is a snap.

As for setting up a blog:

1 Visit www.blogger.com

2 Click on the orange CREATE A BLOG button. Like is says, "It's easy, and only takes a minute."

Note: You may wish to take the take the QUICK TOUR or VIDEO TOUR and learn about MORE FEATURES by click the appropriate text links.

3 CREATE GOOGLE ACCOUNT provide a valid e-mail, password and your set to go.

4 NAME YOUR BLOG to start with your site will be http://yourname.blogspot.com take some time to come up with a good name. Try to make it fit with what you'll be blogging on i.e. http://favoritefilms.blogspot.com or http://travelwithlogs.blogspot.com or http://companyname.blogspot.com.

Note: You can also purchase a URL and have it point to your blog. Then the name will appear like a regular website with a .COM, .ORG, .INFO address.

5 Choose a template. BLOGGER offers a number of templates to start with. All of these can be customized to a limited degree using tools that they provide. You can also download blog templates from other sites and import them into BLOGGER at a later time.

Now you are set to begin blogging. We'll talk more about advanced blog tips and writing for blogs in future posts.

- MH -

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