Google Search Basics

When it comes to conducting research on the web there are plenty of search tools to choose from.  That said there are roughly 10 BILLION ONLINE SEARCHES performed each month. Roughly 7 BILLION of those are conducted using the Google family of search tools. So understanding how to use Google is critical both for finding information; and for web developers--critical knowledge for being found.


You can just type a search in, like: Apple Pie Recipes
Or maybe you are looking for: Iowa bike trails

When you do this it is looking for: Iowa, bike, and trails.

To search for a string of words you group them in quotes: "ask not what your country" 

You can fine tune your search by subtracting search terms.
For example I want to find information about: coffee
When I submit the search I get Starbucks in my results.
So I type in: coffee -Starbucks
By using this search term I get coffee results minus any sites references Starbucks.

Let's say I want to find a medical dictionary or a glossary of mythical terms.
Search: medical ~dictionary or mythical ~glossary

If I want to find a definition I can enter: define:heretic    (NOTE: no spaces)

Say I'm interested in booking a flight between two cities.
Just enter the cities: Saint Louis Orlando

If I want to search for a term on a specific site.
Enter: course schedules site:www.lindenwood.edu

Or if I need a particular tax form: Form 1098-T filetype:pdf

Google can also be used as a calculator.
Enter: 25 +4 -2 *7
Enter: sqrt 84
Enter: 35% of 96
Enter: 3^5 (3 to the 5th power) also 3**5

You can also use Google as a conversion tool.
Enter: 500 Euros in USD
Enter: 200 lbs in kg

Looking for someone's phone number or address?
Enter: phonebook: firstname lastname state

There are many more features built into Google that you will discover as you work more with this valuable search tool.

- MH -

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