Blogger Tips: How To Embed A Google Map

For this exercise we are going to want to embed a map to a location. Maybe you're telling people about a concert location, a restaurant you're reviewing, a festival, where you go to school.

Since this course is at Lindenwood University, I'm going to embed a map showing the campus.

1. Go to Google and click on Maps OR go to http://maps.google.com

2. Type in: Lindenwood University Saint Charles MO

3. Set up the map preferences to how you want to present it: zoom, pan, select whether you'll have a street map, satellite view or terrain map.

4. Once you've got the map how you like it click the LINK button on the upper right edge of the map.

5. If you want to just set up a LINKto the map you can do so very easily. First select the link text from the Google map.  Next you'll want to  highlight the text that you want to link. Select LINK in Blogger and paste in the link information.

i.e. I currently am teaching the Internet course at Lindenwood University [click for map].

6. I can also embed the map in my blog. To do this I am going to select the text on Google maps that says "Paste HTML to embed in website." Then I switch to EDIT HTML mode in Blogger and get my mouse where I want to place the map. Paste the text here. Then toggle back to COMPOSE mode.

View Larger Map

Now I have a map embedded in my blog.

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