Blog Writing Basics

This is your advertisement. This is the headline. This one line has to grab the reader and make them want to read your blog.

Blogs are personal and language can be more expressive in this way as well. That said, you still need to strive to write well: use proper punctuation, paragraph forms, and grammar. Be sure to spell check and proof read your articles before you post. You blog posts do not have to be paper length. Use only as much copy as you need to express your idea for that entry. Vary length from post to post. If you have a larger article you might write a tease for your blog and then link to the full copy as a PDF or DOC posted on your website or on GOOGLE DOCS.

Identify key terms that are associated with your body copy. You might even create your key words prior to your body copy using them as a loose outline. There should be terms that carry from your TITLE, to your BODY to your LABELS. These are essential in getting search engines to catalog your blog.

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