Blogger Tips: Embed YouTube Video

Many of the popular social networking and media sites offer the tools you need to add a LINK or EMBED their content into your BLOG or WEBSITE. YouTube is no exception.

Let's say that I want to embed a video I found on YouTube that shows a Lindenwood Football event.

1 - First I'm going go to YouTube and look up: Lindenwood Football

2 - I located a 9 minutes video vignette entitled: Lindenwood Football vs. Langston 2009. I then link to that video page.

Note: YouTube does have many ways to SHARE this video via many social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and others. But these will not help you with your BLOG or WEBSITE.

3 - Look to the right of the video. You will see to binding boxes. One marked URL and the other EMBED. For this example we are going to select and copy the EMBED code. Before you do this, however, click on the snowflake-like box to the right of the EMBED code. Here you can select the MODE in which you'd like to present. I'm going to click SHOW BORDER and select the GREEN option and 445x364 for my size.

4 - Now I locate where I want to EMBED the file in my BLOG editor. Swap over to EDIT HTML mode. Past in the code and hit PREVIEW so I can see what this will look like. Now I can do any fine tuning with spacing in COMPOSE mode and then add my LABELS and PUBLISH POST. 

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