Applying For Jobs Online

The job search process has become a online-centered process. Many employers now require that you apply online. The online application process will typically involve e-mailing your COVER LETTER and RESUME to a potential employer; or, filling out a form online (and uploading your COVER LETTER and RESUME).

A couple good places to start your search would be Yahoo Hot Jobs or Monster.Com. There are also a number of specialty sites out there whether you're looking for healthcare jobs, higher education jobs, public relations jobs or jobs in the technology sector.

Once you've located  a job you are interested in you will need to write a Job Inquiry E-mail. Here is a great article that you can use as a guide: Job Search E-Mail Etiquette .Make sure the subject, body copy, signature all comply with proper Netiquette guidelines. You also want to make sure you have a proper: 
  • Subject
  • Body Copy
  • Signature
  • Attachment
You may send a test copy to yourself to proof your cover letter and make sure your resume files are attached and come through properly.

- MH -

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